Team Coupland’s – Can Cycling Tom reach 100km/h?

On the 28th February 2020, Cycling Tom (Tom McCallum) from Team Coupland’s cycled the Kourarau Hill near Masterton, New Zealand. This hill is one that cyclists around the world fear, as the backside is known for being extremely steep at -11% and riders often ride at over 90km/h.


On Friday, Tom took to the hill in his DURA-ACE C75 Carbon Tubular Race Wheels, POC Cerebel Aero TT, and his COUPLAND’S Skin Suit to see if he could reach his target of 100km/h!


Have a view of the below video, to see if he reached his goal!



We are pretty proud of Tom from Team Coupland’s, and can’t wait to see how he rides in the next cycling event.