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Christmas Opening Hours 2020

This year, our stores will have different opening hours over the festive period and here is all you need to know.


Once you have found your local store, click on the name and view the PDF with Christmas Opening Hours.


We hope you have a Merry Christmas!


North Island

Hamilton, Karewa
Hamilton, Clarkin Road
Tarawera and Tauranga


Upper South Island


Central South Island

Ferry Road (Linwood)
 new brighton
Coach Corner
Carmen Road (Hornby)
Ashburton and Oamaru
Timaru, Grey Road
Timaru, Evans Street


Lower South Island

Andersons Bay and Kaikorai Valley
Coupland’s Kid’s Christmas Picnic

The Christmas tree is up, the sparkling lights are on and the Christmas parties are in full swing.


Once a year, the team at Coupland’s Head Office in Christchurch put on a fantastic day for the kiddies of Coupland’s to say thanks.


This year, the Coupland’s Kid’s Picnic was held on Saturday 7th December at Spencer Park in Christchurch. Although it started off raining, the sun and heat sure came out in force just as the kids picnic kicked off!


The men hopped on the BBQ’s and got them sizzling hot before cooking up a storm of chicken, beef patties, bacon and onions along with a few seasonal salads and Coupland’s Bread, of course. Everyone dived in!


Once food had settled down the fun began! A fun dinosaur bouncy castle was set up along with some giant garden games including connect four, chess and jenga. The kids were then divided into age groups to compete against one another for prizes – this is where the real fun began! This included apple bopping, running races, egg and spoon race and dress up as a baker race. The kids loved dressing up as mum or dad.





After the games, Santa arrived in a fire truck to treat the kids to some Christmas presents.




Once Santa had finished ho ho ho and all the presents were out of his sack, the fire brigade turned on their hoses to cool everyone down! It was a huge water fight, which was surly needed in the heat!




The day was then finished off with a GIANT lolly scramble, some ice cream and Coupland’s donuts – yum!





Thank you to the kids of Coupland’s, we wouldn’t be here without you and your support.

Christmas Opening Hours 2019

This year, our stores will have different opening hours over the festive period and here is all you need to know.


Once you have found your local store, click on the name and view the PDF with Christmas Opening Hours.


We hope you have a Merry Christmas!


North Island

Hamilton, Karewa
Hamilton, Clarkin Road
Tarawera and Tauranga


Upper South Island

Nelson and Richmond


Central South Island

Papanui, Rolleston, Riccarton, Shirley, Ferry Road (Linwood), new brighton and barrington
Coach Corner
Carmen Road (Hornby)
Ashburton and Oamaru
Timaru, Grey Road
Timaru, Evans Street


Lower South Island

Andersons Bay and Kaikorai Valley
Christmas Ham

You can’t have a good old Kiwi Christmas without one! A Hellers Premium Leg Ham 97% Fat Free tastes absolutely delicious, but can only be improved by one thing… a sticky, sweet glaze which pairs perfectly with the natural saltiness of the ham!


How to glaze a ham:
  1. Take the ham out of the packaging.
  2. With a sharp knife, score the ham in a cross-hatch pattern (or use diagonal lines if doing a cross-hatch pattern is too difficult). Score deep enough to cut through the fat, but not into the ham meat below.
  3. Glaze the ham with a glaze of choice. We recommend the glaze below, but feel free to use whatever glaze is in your favourite cook book. Save any glaze for later.
  4. Cook the ham for approximately 10 minutes per KG at 160°C to set the glaze or 20 minutes per KG if you want to serve the ham hot.
  5. Throughout the cooking time brush over any leftover glaze from before or spoon over any of the delicious juices from the pan to give the ham a golden glow.
  6. Serve the ham hot or cold with other festive lunch foods.
  7. Any unused ham can be stored in the fridge wrapped in a damp muslin bag or clean tea towel soaked in water.


Brown Sugar Glaze:


  • 1 ham
  • A small handful of whole gloves – about 70
  • 1/2 cup soft brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup or golden syrup
  • 1/4 cup rum, pineapple juice or apple juice



  1. Make the Brown Sugar Glaze by mixing the brown sugar, maple syrup and rum together.
  2. Once the ham has been scored with a sharp knife (as above) insert a whole clove into each of the points where the cross-hatching intersects.
  3. Brush the ham over with the Brown Sugar Glaze.
The Perfect Christmas Banquet
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time for giving, a time for sharing and a time for delicious festive treats. 


Whether you are having a traditional Christmas Dinner, BBQ Lunch or a sneaky Bottomless Brunch – have a read below of some easy meal ideas of what we feel you can add to your Christmas menu to make it extra festive.


Idea #1.

Love trifle, but want to change it up? Try using our Ginger Loaves rather than a classic sponge as the main component. The liquid absorbs great into the loaves and the Ginger Loaves add a nice flavour sensation to an otherwise traditional trifle.


Idea #2.

Not much of a baker? Just want all the food preparation done for you? Pop into your local Coupland’s Store and see what delicious festive treats we have on offer. This includes traditional Christmas Cakes made from a Coupland’s family recipe, delicate sweet short pastry Christmas Tarts, Christmas Puddings with maximum flavour and moisture – just add custard and you are good to go, Christmas Truffles and cute Christmas Tree Biscuits. All these scrumptious baked goodies are good to go! Just display on a festive serving plate, cut to size and add a side of custard or even cream. We think these are the ideal speedy ‘don’t know what to do’ Christmas banquet idea.


Idea #3.

You can’t start Christmas Day off without having some Croissants for breakfast (well, in our opinion anyway). We stock mini and large croissants that have been pre-cooked and good to go for Christmas morning. We advise pre-ordering, so you don’t miss out. Just heat in the oven for a few minutes, cut in half and spread butter, jam, nutella or your favourite filling.


Idea #4.

Picture this… so, the whole families around and you have just finished a delicious Christmas feed of hot honey glazed ham, fresh garden potatoes, boiled bunched carrots and roast lamb with mint sauce and gravy. The effort to prepare that for the whole family was a mission, but it tasted so good! After sitting in the sun for half an hour trying to let your food sink down in your stomach, the kids come running up to you screaming “dessert, mum where’s dessert?”. You struggle to get up out of your seat but remember there are brandy snaps and meringues in the pantry cupboard. You’re also in luck because you pre-whipped some cream to go alongside the Christmas Tarts you served earlier. A smile pops onto your face. After 5 quick minutes you have whipped up some delicious brandy snaps and meringues as a quick and easy dessert! It doesn’t get much better than that to end your Christmas Day on, plus the kids faces of joy lit up the home.

If you would like to fill your pantry cupboard with some brandy snaps and meringues (in case you need them for Christmas Day) pop into your local Coupland’s Store as we have a few different varieties. You will find them near the Christmas goodies.


The whole team at Coupland’s wishes you a fantastic Christmas no matter how you are spending it and what food your decide to have!

The Staff kids Christmas party is a strong tradition for the Coupland’s family and was back again in 2018 at Spencer Park for an action-packed day of fun! This event has been around for over a decade and is one of our favourite events of the season!
The weather turned it on again this year with a warm summer’s day. The party started at midday with an awesome itinerary of games, competitions, food, the fire brigade and of course Santa coming to give all the kids presents!

Lunch was cooked and ready for everyone to dive into before the activities kicked off! For the games the kids were divided into age groups and could compete in the Running, hula hoop, egg & spoon and sack race! Medals were given out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each event.

After the games Santa turned up to give all the good kids of Coupland’s a present each! We think this is a pretty special occasion as the children get shown how important they are to our business and we want them to feel special.

Luckily with this hot weather the fire brigade turned up to cool everyone down. The kids ran around and had a big water fight which was surely needed in the heat! Then the day finally finished off with an iconic lolly scramble.
Overall the 2018 Picnic was a success and it definitely made it worthwhile seeing the smiles and laughs on our kids and staff’s faces. We can’t wait for 2019!

The Coupland’s family was proud to open their new Rolleston store on the 25th May 2018.
With Rolleston being one of the fastest growing towns in New Zealand it is a very exciting time for both us and the community of Rolleston which we are thrilled to now be a part of.

[gdlr_quote align=”center” ]Proud to be part of the Rolleston Community[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_title align=”center” style=”divider” title_color=”white” title=”” ][/gdlr_title]

At 9am we had the official opening with the ribbon being cut by Founder Ray Coupland, accompanied by the Managing Director Lance Coupland and Store Manager Bev Jenkins. It was a very proud moment making this our 25th store nationwide. It had been 12 years since a new South Island store was opened with Ferry Road being the last back in 2006 and losing 2 stores in the Christchurch earthquakes.
We had a great day with lots of specials and prizes to be won. The Mai FM team set up in the carpark with prizes including vouchers, free soft drinks supplied by Coca Cola, free donuts and of course free coffee. Win Bread for a Year was one of the many promotions that ran during the grand opening, with five lucky winners being drawn on the 24th of June.
The Rolleston store has a vibrant & innovative but warm feel to it, with an easy flowing layout and not to mention our friendly staff. The store offers barista made coffee using Prima Roastery Coffee Bean’s from our local supplier in Woolston..

If you haven’t been lucky enough to check out our new store yet, pop in next time you are out and say hi to our friendly staff they will help find you a delicious treat…we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Many of us think that if we won the lottery we’d end up on a beach somewhere, drinking cocktails and being waited on hand and foot. That does sound rather nice, doesn’t it?

We are proud to be a part of more than 1400 Lotto stores all over New Zealand, with 3 stores – Karewa (Hamilton), Carmen Road (Christchurch) and Ferry Road (Christchurch) now offering Lotto Express!

[gdlr_title align=”center” style=”divider” title_color=”white” title=”Top 5 Lotto Facts” ][/gdlr_title]

100% of Lotto profits go back into New Zealand communities

Wairarapa is New Zealand’s ‘luckiest’ region for 2017

Since first draw 30 years ago, Lotto players have raised a
whopping $4.3 billion for Kiwi community initiatives

Lotto players help save native wildlife

Every time you play Lotto NZ games you’re helping raise funding for
important community causes, like Menz Shed

Fancy joining the list of Lotto winners? Play for the next jackpot by visiting one of our stores and getting your lucky ticket. Good luck!

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Tell us what would you do if you won the Lotto in comments below…

It was a wonderful sunny summers day this Saturday!
And what better way to take advantage of a day like that than with a Christmas picnic party?
A Coupland’s Bakeries kids Christmas party is a tradition for over a decade and is one of our season’s favourite event.
This year we had our party at Spencer park and there was everything you could possibly want for both kids and adults at Christmas time – Santa, interactive games, yummy food, fire truck and loads of fun! The highlight of the day was, of course, when the Santa arrived and the kids were each given a present to call their own.

We started our party at midday with 6 awesome cooks making BBQ for lunch. After everybody had some delicious food we continued with interactive games like 3 legged race, jumping the hoola hoop, sack race and passing the egg.
Kids were divided into age groups. They all got some lollies as a reward for trying really hard in each game and of course, the best ones were rewarded with medals for the first, second and third place. In all the games there were also parent involved which made everything more interesting for kids and much funnier.

After running in the hot sun and trying hard in all the games, there was the time for the most interesting part of the whole event, Santa! He came in a big red fire truck and after everybody gathered around him in the shade, it was time for him to give away some presents.
Fire trucks weren’t just for show, but they helped us all to cool down by spraying the water on everybody who got in their way. The kids were running around the big field and laughing their hearts out while they were trying to, at the same time, catch and avoid the water drops.

We don’t know who had more fun that day, parents or kids.
There were definitely a lot of laughter and heaps of happy faces on that sunny festive afternoon. We can’t wait for next year!
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