It was a wonderful sunny summers day this Saturday!
And what better way to take advantage of a day like that than with a Christmas picnic party?
A Coupland’s Bakeries kids Christmas party is a tradition for over a decade and is one of our season’s favourite event.
This year we had our party at Spencer park and there was everything you could possibly want for both kids and adults at Christmas time – Santa, interactive games, yummy food, fire truck and loads of fun! The highlight of the day was, of course, when the Santa arrived and the kids were each given a present to call their own.

We started our party at midday with 6 awesome cooks making BBQ for lunch. After everybody had some delicious food we continued with interactive games like 3 legged race, jumping the hoola hoop, sack race and passing the egg.
Kids were divided into age groups. They all got some lollies as a reward for trying really hard in each game and of course, the best ones were rewarded with medals for the first, second and third place. In all the games there were also parent involved which made everything more interesting for kids and much funnier.

After running in the hot sun and trying hard in all the games, there was the time for the most interesting part of the whole event, Santa! He came in a big red fire truck and after everybody gathered around him in the shade, it was time for him to give away some presents.
Fire trucks weren’t just for show, but they helped us all to cool down by spraying the water on everybody who got in their way. The kids were running around the big field and laughing their hearts out while they were trying to, at the same time, catch and avoid the water drops.

We don’t know who had more fun that day, parents or kids.
There were definitely a lot of laughter and heaps of happy faces on that sunny festive afternoon. We can’t wait for next year!
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