Last week we released our NEW Choc Brownie Slice and to celebrate that happy occasion we decided to give our loyal customers a chance to try it out in our factory stores, Carmen Road, Christchurch and Karewa, Hamilton. Every customer that entered through our door last Thursday and Friday between 10 am – 11 am and 3 pm – 4 pm had a chance to try a piece of our new slice with a scoop of ice cream on top.

We took some photos for you to have a glimpse into how everything looked like.


Choc Brownie Slice Sampling Header Image


Here are our TOP 5 ways on how to enjoy our NEW Choc Brownie Slice:

  • Delicious heated in the microwave and paired with a spoonful of Tip Top Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Transform the Choc Brownie Slice into a brownie layer cake by spreading
    jam or peanut butter in between each layer
  • Invite all the children around and have fun cutting the Choc Brownie Slice into funky
    shapes, then decorate with coloured icing and pebbles
  • Blend up the Choc Brownie Slice in a blender, roll the mixture into balls and dip in milk
    chocolate to create super sweet choc brownie truffles


Eat as a nice summer dessert by heating in the microwave and then pouring chocolate or caramel sauce over. Finish by sprinkling fresh raspberries and blueberries on top.


Did we hook you in yet? Are you ready for something NEW? Something decadent, rich, chocolatey and utterly satisfying? Visit any of our store’s nationwide where you can find your new favourite slice.


Find your local store.


Feel free to tell us below, what’s your favourite way to enjoy a Coupland’s Choc Brownie slice.