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Roadie Coffee Cups

Reusable | Recyclable | NZ MADE


Our Great Kiwi Roadie Coffee Cup promotion is focused all on New Zealand, our beautiful backyard and encouraging people to get out and explore it. We’re proud to say that our Great Kiwi Roadie Coffee Cups are designed and made right here in New Zealand. 


Reusable & Recylable


It’s estimated that 295 million disposable cups are used in NZ each year. Our Coffee Cups are made from a food-grade polypropylene, a plastic that can be easily recycled at the end of it’s life and made into other consumer goods. The lids are made from Elastomer. At the end of your cups life, both the cup and lid are fully recyclable.


Our Great Kiwi Roadie Cups can be recycled in your regular recycling bin. However, as the lids are a special softer plastic they need to be recycled by a specialist recycling company. If your local council does not offer this service, lids can be sent back to our supplier and used to create something new – more information on that here.


NZ Made & Designed


In addition to being fully reusable and recyclable, our Great Kiwi Roadie Coffee Cups are made and designed right here in New Zealand. Our four cup designs were created by two incredible Kiwi artists – Greg Straight (Straight Coffee and On The Grind) and Glenn Jones (National Parks and Man Cave). Make sure to click on the links to check out more of their amazing work.


Coffee cup care


Our Coffee Cups, as the name suggests, are perfect for coffee! They’re not intended for hot beverages over 80 degrees Celsius as the cup may be too hot to hold. For reference, a standard milk coffee is 60-70 degrees Celsius. Cups are top-drawer dishwasher safe, however regular dishwasher use can impact the look of your cup over time. Hand-washing your cup is less abrasive so will be less detrimental to the artwork over a longer period of time. Your coffee cup can be placed in the freezer


Where will your cup take you?


We want to encourage people to get out and explore all the beauty New Zealand has to offer, and what better way to do that than with a hot coffee and a roadie!? Share your photos of your coffee cup out and about and you could be in the draw to win a completed set of the Great Kiwi Roadie Coffee Cups! For information on how to complete your entry and get yourself in the draw, click here.


Great Kiwi Roadie Coffee Cup Promotion runs 4th July – 31st July 2022. Strictly while stocks last, terms & conditions apply. 


Where Will Your Cup Take You Promotion runs 4th July – 31st July 2022. Terms & conditions apply. 


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