Crackers and cheese combo is classic, but there are other amazing ways to enjoy crackers.


Try our three easy toppings on Coupland’s crackers, they may even impress your guests at the next party time.

Fancy a cracker and cheese combo for your snack time or simply want a light meal? Try these simple, colourful and flavourful toppings with our crackers, baked with premium whole wheat flour, grain and seeds. There are three irresistible authentic flavours to choose.


Mexican Dream

Avocado + salsa + coriander leaves

Let these mini tacos crackers take you to the taste of Mexican, it’s best to go with our Cracked Pepper & Rocksalt Crackers! Simply slice avocado and add fresh salsa Pico De Gallo. Lastly, garnish crackers with green coriander leaves and ground paprika. The cayenne pepper from the crackers combines well with the creamy avocado and fresh salsa, a perfect snack bursting with flavours.


Tuna and Cheese

Canned tuna + cheese

An easy and quick cracker topping that can be completed in a minute. Get Coupland’s Original Cheese Crackers and top it up with your favourite tuna and cheese. This gives you an instant snack to enjoy or a great last-minute party food platter.


Three vegies

Cucumber + Tomato + Pickled Onion + Brie Cheese

The freshness of cucumber, tomato and pickled onion will remind you of the taste of summer, it perfectly balances with creamy, flavoursome Brie cheese, a great addition to our Sprouted Grain and Rosemary Crackers. You can even make it dairy-free by using vegan cheese.


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