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Our Hot Cross Buns for

a year winners


Over Easter we ran a promotion where 10 of our lucky customers would win Hot Cross Buns for a year!

Since then the winners have been drawn, the Hot Cross Buns toasted, buttered, and being enjoyed! Our stores around the country have taken photos of just a few of our winners – have a look below.



We had winners from New Brighton, Nelson, Papanui, Evans St, Tauranga, Ferry Rd, Carmen Rd, Oamaru, Coach Cnr and Ashburton. Each winner is taking home 52 vouchers, each for 2 x 6pk Traditional Hot Cross Buns. It’s totally up to them if they want to share them among friends and family or treat themselves!


Still have a hankering for Hot Cross Buns? We sell our Traditional ones nearly all year round! You can even purchase them online here.


We love treating our customers. You can view all current promotions we have running here, and be sure to get yourself in the draw.


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Looking for a way to use up those leftover Hot Cross Buns lying around? Why not try a classic bread & butter pudding with a twist, perfect for elevating this classic Easter treat. This pudding is perfect revitalizing those leftover less than fresh buns you may have.





  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Grease a baking dish with butter.
  • Leaving the hot cross buns stuck together, cut them in half length ways (this leaves you with a top half and a bottom half.) Butter the bottom half, and add this to your baking dish. Sprinkle raisins over, then add the top half on.
  • Mix eggs, milk, cream, caster sugar and vanilla essence together in a bowl. Pour this mixture over the buns and set aside to soak for at 10-20 minutes.
  • Bake in your oven for 30 minutes, ensuring that the top of the buns are golden and the custard has set.
  • To serve, dust with icing sugar and serve warm with whipped cream or ice cream.


Top Tips:

This pudding is also great for making a day ahead, simply heat up in a slightly warm oven covered with foil.


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These creamed Hot Cross Buns are the perfect Easter sweet treat – our handcrafted Hot Cross Buns are a match made in heaven with whipped cream. 

This recipe is great for kids to have a go at creating as well – all you need is a variety of sauces, toppings and fillings and let them go to town!





  • Cut your Hot Cross Buns in half, then toast in the oven.
  • Remove & let cool slightly.
  • Once cooled, fill with whipped cream/fillings of your choice.
  • Top with sauces and toppings of your choice.


Top Tips:

We used whipped cream & caramel sauce, but would also recommend the following:


You also can’t go wrong with Hot Cross Buns toasted with butter!


Have you entered to win Hot Cross Buns for a year? There’s 10 chances to win! Simply purchase any 2 x 6pk Hot Cross Buns to enter. Terms & conditions apply, promotion runs until 17/4/22.



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Our handcrafted, traditional Hot Cross Buns pair perfectly with the saltiness of the bacon and sweetness of the maple syrup to create the ultimate flavour combination. Perfect for an indulgent weekend brunch – with only 3 ingredients!





  • Heat up a frying pan and cook the bacon to your liking.
  • While the bacon is frying, cut the Hot Cross Buns in half and toast (we did this in the oven, but a sandwich press works just as well.)
  • Once the bacon is cooked, press it with a paper towel to remove excess oil.
  • Load up your toasted Hot Cross Buns with bacon, and top generously with maple syrup. Serve immediately.


Top Tips:

For something a bit fruitier, give it a go with our Traditional Hot Cross Buns.



Make sure to share your creations with us #couplandscreation

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New Easter Television Commercial

At the start of this year we engaged with Catalyst Creative to produce a television commercial to showcase our delicious Hot Cross Buns on the big screen!
We wanted a video that showed the quality of the ingredients and how delicious our Hot Cross Buns were, without having the smell to back up how they looked. Don’t you just wish there was sensory TV’s? We know we do!

Once the proposal and script were approved, filming day was booked in.

On filming day, the production team moved in to our Christchurch Bakery to set up all the filming equipment including high quality cameras and lighting. The main actors, our Hot Cross Buns, moved into position and filming started. It was a long day of filming, but we felt happy with the shots we got. The waiting game now began to see the final result.

A month before ‘go live day’ we previewed the commercial. There was an immense feeling of being a proud Coupland’s team member when we viewed it for the first time. We were showcasing our delicious food in the rawest but best light possible and it payed off. Our television commercial was set to go live on the 7th of April – a couple of weeks before Easter. We couldn’t contain our excitement as we waited for it to air for the first time!
Success! The television commercial was now live and we started to hear from our customers with how much they liked it.

A huge thank you to Catalyst Creative who made the filming day a breeze, and the whole Coupland’s Bakeries Team who was involved on the big day.


Have you seen our ad? We would love to know your thoughts on it!

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